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Societal Marketing: Mcdonald’s

by: Andrew Sandon Societal marketing: McDonald’s Business executives are often perplexed by the continuous expansion of society’s expectations of corporations. For example, in the corporate world, numerous laws and extensive government regulation affect virtually every aspect of business activities. They touch “almost every business decision ranging from the production of goods and services to their […]

Should Drug Use Be Decriminalized?

by: Andrew Sandon Should Drug Use be Decriminalized? Today, the problem of drug legalization becomes an issue of the day. Looking at the entire range of society’s current attempts to deal with licit and illicit mind-acting substances, there are tensions in the system wherever one’s glance falls. Recent attempts to legalize drugs do not take […]

Focus On Nigeria

by: Andrew Sandon Focus on Nigeria Nigеria is a natural gas and oil rich country that is bordеrеd by Bеnin on thе wеst, Nigеr and Chad to thе north, Camеroon to thе еast, and thе Gulf of Guinеa to its south. Abuja is its capital city locatеd in thе cеntеr of thе country. Thеrе arе […]

Max Weber-the Life and Work of a Social Theorist (1864-1920)

by: Andrew Sandon Max Weber-The Life and Work of a Social Theorist (1864-1920) Max Weber is a German political economist and sociologist. Weber is considered as one of the leading figures in a new generation of historical political economists in the Germany of the 1890s. Max Weber was born in April 21, 1864, in Erfurt, […]

Healthcare Managing Change

by: Andrew Sandon Healthcare Managing Change I consider the question of the managing change with the healthcare issues in a way of curtain problems and they’re solutions. First of all, let’s see some current issues in the USA health care system today. New diagnostic and treatment procedures flourish in the United States. Our medical schools […]

America in a Religious Context

by: andrew sandon America in a Religious Context Today American society is faced with very interesting and controversial problem concerning religion and its status on the state level. For a long time it has been considered that America is religiously diverse country which Constitution protects the freedom of religious denomination. Nevertheless, God is not accepted […]