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Now Mary – Now Martha!

While downstairs for a lunch break (ah, peanut butter passion ice cream!), it occurred to me to talk about “Mary and Martha”.

Heart Healthy Cooking Tips for a Stronger Cardiovascular System

By: Martha M If your daily routine includes toast with butter or you have bread as a frequent side dish, make sure the spread is heart healthy. A heart healthy diet is low in saturated fat and has as little trans fat as possible. Since many bread spreads are mostly fat, it’s important to make […]

How to Help Your FSBO Set the Right Price For Their House

by: Tom Domin How to Help Your FSBO Set the Right Price For Their House Of all the problems our FSBO will encounter, pricing their house correctly and accurately is by far the most crucial.

A Tribute To The Few Who Sacrificed For The Many

America has successfully celebrated another Independence Day. I could be corrected in my calculation, but I believe every American celebrated this great holiday in some fashion, with barbecues aplenty along with many firework displays.

Make Money as an Act Of Love To God!

Earn money so you can be generous to the work of the Lord and to the poor. And earn money so you can be generous with your loved ones.

8 Essential Tips On How To Write A Sales Letter

by: Mario Churchill Before you can embark on the monumental task of writing effective sales letters, there are certain things you have to possess first and it’s not having a deeper vocabulary or the eloquence of a poet.

A Guys Survival Guide to Baby Showers

by: Sarah Garr Okay, so you’re the lone guy in the office and the estrogen laden majority has demanded that you attend the latest in a seemingly unending barrage of Colleague’s Baby Showers.

Dodge Avenge Commuter-stress Grind

by: KatieJones Commuters are traveling distances to make a living. Statistics say over 10 million consumers drive more than 60 minutes each way to work and research shows that commuting can take a toll on a consumer’s health.


by: Hot Mumma Have you ever been so EMBARRASSED by your child’s behaviour that you could crawl under the nearest table?

Hybrid-vehicle Owners’ Mounting Dilemma

by: Mark Clarkson As the price of gasoline drops, the sales of gas-electric hybrid vehicles plunge as well. Also, the federal tax credits given to several hybrid vehicles are now minimized for some auto brands. This is the mounting dilemma of hybrid-vehicles owners.