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Buying Property in Panama

by: Jean Bouttet With Panama becoming increasingly popular as a retiree’s haven, this article provides a guide on how to buy property in Panama along with the do’s and don’ts.

Amazing Places Around Panama City

by: Jean Bouttet Ever since the discovery of Panama and the nearby Pearl archipelago in 1513 by Vasco Nunez Balboa, Panama is steeped in history with many yet to be explored islands inhabited by indigenous people. Many of them live in deep jungles and are still maintaining their age old culture and customs untouched by […]

Affordable Living in Panama

by: Jean Bouttet David is a city west of Panama, in the province of Chirque and has an international airport. It takes an hour’s drive from the airport of David to the town of Boquete which is at a height of 4,000 feet. Boquete has been a popular destination for retirees. In this article we […]

A Tourist’s First Impression of Panama City

by: Jean Bouttet When a tourist first visits Panama City, he or she would be anxious to know what is in store as the plane lands in the tarmac of the city’s airport. Lot would have been read and heard about the place that would arouse the curiosity of a visitor about the country in […]

Panama as an Asset Haven

by: Jean Bouttet Panama has been long known for its investor friendly tax policies with many tax exemptions given to lure foreign business men, retirees etc. to invest in the country. It has a strong financial network with over 80 national and international banks operating there.

Panama’s Transportation System

by: Jean Bouttet If you intend to explore Panama from its Colombian tip to the Costa Rican tip, you would need to know how to do so. Even were you visiting for just a few days with no intention to do some extensive exploring, it is just common sense to investigate how to get around […]

Panama Temporary Work Visa

by: Jean Bouttet City of Knowledge Work Visa Program This program allows foreign investors to obtain up to 5 work visas (valid for an initial term of 2 years, and renewable for an additional 2 years) for their company in Panama under the condition that they must rent an office or building within the City […]

Panama Mortgage Opportunities for Investors

by: Jean Bouttet All properties at least a 80% LTV All properties owner occupied residential – condos, single family, and townhouses. Owners are typically retired Americans with assets, retirement income and good credit. Properties are generally new, sometimes pre-owned but in excellent condition. No fixer uppers. Digital pics, appraisals, inspection reports available.