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Toyota Plant Site Still Unclear

by: Anthony Fontanelle After Toyota has overtaken Daimler-Chrysler in 2006 and took over the third spot in the leader board that lists the biggest auto sellers in the US, it posted a strong start in the 2007 year which puts them on a spot which took them to the second spot from Ford Motor Company […]

Les Misérables Tickets for the Revival Show

by: Al Terry The revival of Les Misérables, albeit for a special limited six-month period, previewed on October 21, 2006 and opened on November 9, 2006 at the Broadhurst Theater. This great musical has had a long innings of 16 years on Broadway earlier, and has returned after three and a half years, to a […]

Modern African American Art and Artists

by: Maigida Africanarts Like many artists who use cultural and ethnic heritage as an inspiration for their art, modern African American art often has strong roots in Africa. For many African American artists, the Southern region of the U.S. also represents a huge emphasis on the composition and subject of their work.

Science Fiction Movie Reviews

by: Francesca Black Nothing beats a Friday night at home, snuggled up on a coach with a bowl of popcorn watching Science Fiction Movies. Stop at your local video store and find a science fiction movie sure to get you thinking about what could have been or what might be. Here are some of the […]

The True Descendants of Ancient Egypt

by: Claude There are several theories regarding who exactly are the true descendants of the ancient Egyptians. Any one of the following theories might hold the key to the mystery but as yet nobody can say for sure.