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Yoga Pose: Prevention of Heart Attacks

Strict changes in diet and lifestyle can not only prevent heart attacks, but can reverse the clogging of the arteries, according to a small but pioneering study.

Gentle Yoga

by: Jennifer Brown Daily stresses can take their toll on your physical and emotional well being, and finding a way to release tension is essential to your good health. When work and family obligations leave too tired to workout at the gym, gentle yoga can be a great alternative.

How To Benefit To Your Health With Tai Chi

by: Michael Hehn There are many fitness regimes that incorporate breathing techniques, yoga being one of them. However, while other exercise programs, especially those which involve high impact and strenuous workouts depend on the fitness level of the individual Tai Chi is generally suitable for persons of all fitness levels. Of course the speed and […]

Required Guidance for Kundalini Activation and Its Deep Import

by: Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya Every object has its own visible and invisible form. Gold is a very valueable ore. When mud unites with earth it comes out as ore. But on purifying this ore it is sold at high prices in the market. And with this gold beautiful ornaments are made. But when […]

Yoga And Meditation: A Healthy Combo For Healthy Life

by: Javier Fuller Yoga for most of the people happens to be a great source of keeping themselves fit with its incredible body postures called asana. However these asanas are only a small part of the yoga. This ancient practice of yoga boasts of its origin from ancient Vedic testaments. 

The Basis of Concentration/meditation and Its Benefits

by: Yuga Rishi Shriram Sharma Acharya Mother earth is known to be fertile and a womb of jewels. We all know that skies give us life-giving water in the form of rains. There is no limit to the vault of valuable objects in the ocean. Yet human beings have infinitely more wealth than all this […]