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Pepper Spray – Personal Alarms. You Right to Self Defense

What if it happens to you? The assaults, purse snatchings , car jackings that you read about everyday. I belive that a good plan is required to protect yourself and loved ones in the event it ever happens to you. You must use good judgement as to what you will do.

Pregnancy Disability Insurance – Protect Your Income for a Truly Safe Pregnancy

Missing work during and after pregnancy has become a common occurrence.  According to a 2002 study, 29% of short term disabilities (180 days or less) and 12% of long-term disabilities are due to pregnancy.


by: Robert Baird Your body’s need for thyroid hormone increases dramatically during the first half of your pregnancy. This increased need may begin as early as one week after your missed period.

Depression and Women-what is the connection?

by: Megan Hazel It often seems that women get depressed more than men do. Still, the question remains: Is there really a connection between women and depression? There are several takes on the issue.

Rooibos Tea Health Benefits for Pregnant and Nursing Women

by: Teya Zary Rooibos Tea is not really a tea. It is a herbal. Teas come from the plant family camellia sinensis. Rooibos comes from the area near Cape Town in Africa and is actually a native plant that grows in the dry arid hillsides.

Dickies Women’s Pants For The Professional Woman

There are a multitude of women in today’s work force, and those women have a need for exceptional quality working apparel. Dickies women’s pants offer the unique opportunity for the women to get what she needs while receiving all she could want in her workplace apparel.

Flat Abs For Women … And Keep Them For Life ..!

By David: There are a number of areas where the average woman goes wrong when it comes to training abs. Most people are probably going to be surprised with this…

Lose Belly Fat Fast – And Improve Your Health …!

By David: We often hear reports that 50% of people in this day and age have excess Belly fat ! Think about what this means: Most people feel self conscious about showing off their body.

Cute and Fun Ways to Announce Your Pregnancy

by: Franchis Adam Whether you just found out you are with child or you have known for a few months, then announce your pregnancy to relatives and friends can be a lot of fun.

Planning the nursery for your new baby

by: Franchis Adam When choosing how to arrange your baby’s room, take care that the baby will be comfortable and happy in this brand new setting.