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BULGING BICEPS – Give us a Month…

Is there really anything new under the sun when it comes to training? Perhaps nothing new, but innovation, maybe. As a consumer, bodybuilder, and overall purveyor of freaky muscle, this is how you must think of any workout that’s offered via magazine or website.

My Golden Rules Of Betting For National Hunt Horse Racing

How do you avoid doing your money when betting on National Hunt horse racing? By definition jumps racing brings with it additional risk every time your horse leaves the ground.

Planning A Camping Trip For Maximum Enjoyment

So you and the family or you and your friends have decided to go on a camping trip. It’s Thursday night and you are going to leave right after work Friday evening.

Jogging Stroller Buying Guide

You’re in the market for your first Jogging Stroller, but you don’t know where to begin. In my mind, there are five key points you need to look at in order to start looking for that perfect jogging stroller.

Brief Boat and Boating History

Boats can generally be defined as watercraft that float on, and provide transport over water. Boats such as the whaleboats were historically designed to be operated from a ship in an offshore environment.

Could You Be a Fan for a Team That Loses 10,000 Baseball Games?

I have seen New York Yankee baseball fans throw things at opposing players in the outfield. Sometimes a roll of pennies, perhaps a used battery from a flashlight, or anything they have not finished eating and do not like.

A Quick and Exciting History of Viking Pool Cues

Almost fifty years ago in Wisconsin, Viking pool cues came into existence. Little did Gordon Hart, the creator of the carefully designed cues, know that they would quickly sweep the nation.

“The Amber Wizard” by David Forbes, Book Review

David Forbes has caught my attention with his debut novel “The Amber Wizard.” He has taken fantasy reading in a new direction. Most of today’s fantasies are becoming too complicated in their characters to the point where you need a glossary to understand what you are reading.

Respect for the Sport of Deer Hunting

Deer hunting is a major pastime and hobby in many areas of the country but perhaps none so strongly adoring as the state of Texas. While many hunters are found throughout the south, the majority of deer hunting takes place in Texas, where several types of deer and other game and foul can be found […]

Canoe Paddle Length – Choosing the Proper Fit

Paddling a canoe can be an extremely relaxing and satisfying experience that enriches your mind, body, and soul. A peaceful summer evening watching the sun fall below the tree line on your favorite lake while paddling a canoe can revitalize you as it melts away the stress of a busy life.