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Mind Power: Succeed with the Law of Attraction

You have probably heard about the law of attraction and perhaps even how knowing it can change your life. But what exactly is the law of attraction?

How to Heal After a Near Death Experience

Taking care of you body is very important. It is difficult to pursue your dreams when you don’t have your health. Your body is your precious capsule that keeps you on this physical plane.

Free Workshop on Genograms

Genogram Workshop Trace three generations of your family using Bowen Family System Therapy approach. Workshop will be held in Coos Bay, Oregon, July 21st, 2008.

Now Mary – Now Martha!

While downstairs for a lunch break (ah, peanut butter passion ice cream!), it occurred to me to talk about “Mary and Martha”.

Fear of Flying – Overcoming your Fear When Flying

By: Michael Lee First off, assure yourself that all people – no exceptions – experience fear. It is a very normal feeling that confronts people whenever they face possible rejection, change, the unknown, or any possible negative outcome. But what differentiates successful people who get what they want is that they feel the fear and […]

Alternatives to Speed

Picture the scene. I’m driving sedately in my family car across the desolate moors of Derbyshire, in particular the High Peak area of North West England, the far side of Macclesfield.

Why Be Normal?

When you think about it, it’s pretty funny, the things that we’ll do to be what our society considers normal. Just look at any band of teenagers in a shopping mall or outside a high school, and you’ll see the lengths to which we humans will go to fit in with the group’s definition of […]

Helping You Memorize With Mnemonics

Forgot something lately? You probably want to rev up on your memorization approach. There are a lot of memorization methods available today and all you have to do is just choose what you think suits you best.

Procrastination Kills, Kill Procrastination

In the fight against malaria, some television adverts were launched and they all ended with the same message: “mosquito kills, kill mosquito!” In my own fight against a destroyer of destinies, I will also want to adopt the same theme.

The Magic of Love

Would you like to receive the magic of love? Are you willing to give it? Try this: For one day, consciously make an effort to be loving or kind to everyone you see, with no expectations of receiving anything in return.