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Real Estate And The Media

The role of the media is to report news and opinions, not to make predictions and forecasts.

Real Estate and Homeowner News and Knowledge

Count on it – energy “vampires” cost you money With energy prices soaring in recent months, so called “energy vampires” are drawing new attention. Vampires can be found in almost every household appliance including televisions, telephones, fax machines, washers, and dryers.

First Time Home Buyers

With the interest rates at an all time low these past five years, many young adults have decided to take the next step to adulthood by purchasing a home, condo, or townhouse over renting an apartment. These young adults are in their mid-twenties, beginning the search for their future investment. When you speak with these […]

Converting Real Estate Notes For Cash

People have resorted to converting real estate notes for cash, as they are cash strapped and in need of cash. More and more people need cash for purposes, such as, paying off debts, investing in a better real estate deal, late payments, settling an estate, insurance liabilities, tax problems or to pay for tuition or […]

Negotiating a Real Estate Contract

Negotiating the purchase or sale of a home can be fraught with struggles, ill-will and nastiness. coming the three deal-killers is easy if you remember one thing. Keep your emotions out of real estate contract negotiations. It will reward you handsomely. Plus, if you exit successfully from a ugly negotiation you still have to endure […]

Where To Find Great Commercial Real Estate Deals

Commercial real estate is a hot commodity right now. Many investors are seeing the massive potential for income associated with this type of property. It is not always clear, however, what type of commercial real estate to invest in or what part of the country to choose. With a little research, you can find the […]

How Do You Find A House

Are you searching for your dream house? Are you waiting for a listing? Are you looking a newspaper for a best house? Did you find a good real estate agent?