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Partnering your way to real estate success

Boomers-Bank IRA-401K-Real-Estate Investing With the rising inflation and falling U.S. dollar, property prices have escalated considerably in the last few years. This makes investing in real estate a much more expensive option.

How The Real Estate Foreclosure Process Really Works

Regrettably, this is the day and age where a prevalence of foreclosures keeps creeping closer and closer to home. Many hopeful sellers are wondering what is involved in a foreclosure and what steps can be taken to thwart such an occurrence.

How A Real Estate Short Sale Really Works

A real estate short sale situation may be right when a homeowner is in foreclosure and the loan amount is close to the value of the home. The seller cannot sell the house with an agent because the fees involved exceed any moneys received from the sale.

The ideal location for your property

Boomers-Bank IRA-401K-Real-Estate Investing Location, location, location. You always here people saying that so and so person’s building is a success because it is located in a prime place.

Make the most out of your investment options

Boomers-Bank IRA-401K-Real-Estate Investing So now that you’ve decided to invest in real estate, a decision which will most probably rank among the best decisions you’ve ever made, you need to remember a few pointers which will help you to make the most out of your interests and expertise.

Home Buyer Provide Investors with High Yields in California’s Real Estate Market

1-800-CASH-TODAY Home Buyers has been in the home-buying business throughout Southern California for the last 15 years with purchases over 100 homes per year. In a time and place where the ever-increasing threat of losing money in real-estate is prevalent

Writing the prefect Letter of Intent

As you try and close a deal, the first step for you would be writing a letter of intent. Most rookie investors tend to overlook the importance of this letter and instead rush into things. This can be a fatal mistake and will definitely lead to problems once formal negotiations are initiated.

The importance of ‘TIME’ in the investment process

Boomers-Bank IRA-401K-Real-Estate Investing Real estate investment is the ‘in-thing’ these days. With each passing day, more and more people realize that this is the way to go when investing money.

4 Reasons Why You Should Invest In Real Estate

A recent book titled: “Boomers-Bank  Financial Intelligence for Real Estate Investing” explains clearly why you should invest in real estate using your retirement plan?

Investments in Private Equity: a boon for investors

In real estate, private equity remains impartial. When the deal goes in hands of privatization it becomes more specific in spite when it was under the government.

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