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How Safe Is Your Flea and Tick Killer?

Laboratory studies of ingredients in seven popular flea and tick control products reveal adverse health effects in all animals tested. The effects of these well known and aggressively marketed products range from convulsions, body tremors and labored breathing to thyroid cancer

Natural Treatment of Cancer in Dogs and Feline Cancer

Cancer in dogs and cats occurs just as frequently as in human beings. Cancer in dogs and feline cancer is a worrisome and frightening diagnosis for any pet and its’ owner. There are many theories as to the cause of cancer in dogs and cats, and how it comes to inflict ones pet.

Signs, Symptoms and Treatment of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections in Cats and Dogs

Upper respiratory infections in cats and dogs, otherwise known as URI’s can be very contagious in your pet and quite common. Although, your pet cannot spread the infection to a human and vice versa, it can be easily spread from cat to cat and dog to dog.

Signs, Symptoms and Natural Treatment of Dog Constipation and Feline Constipation

Constipation can be a real problem in your cat or dog. Do you have a constipated dog or a constipated cat? The definition of constipation includes the infrequent, incomplete and sometimes difficult and painful defacation with the passage of hard and dry stools or fecal matter.

Signs, Symptoms and Natural Treatment of Seizures in Cats and Dogs

Pet seizure disorders are becoming more and more prevalent. It can be very difficult watching your pet go through a seizure. Many times this type of disorder comes on suddenly and with little to no warning.

Keep Your Dog Safe All Summer Long

by: MR Bruno Summer is a great time of year for you to enjoy the outdoors with your dog. Whether a hike along a trail, a trip to the beach, mountains, or a stroll through the neighborhood, you’ll want to be sure to take precautions to keep your dog safe.

Eye on your Dog’s Health: Ear Infections

Ear infections not only cause dogs pain and irritation, they can cause permanent damage and hearing loss if left untreated. Ear infections are very common in dogs, and are probably among the most frequent conditions treated by your veterinarian.

A Guide on How To Select Patio Doggie Doors

by: Dan Herbert Patio dog doors are an excellent tool for pet owners who wish to give their pets the freedom to go in and out of the main door as they please.

Dog Training Tips

One of the reasons for doing an obedience dog training is to establish a foundation between you and your dog. Many dog owners believe that dog training is only for those who wish to compete in obedience trials, but they are wrong.

Minatare Schnauzer: A Small Big Dog

By: Mike Mathews The Miniature Schnauzer comes packed with a lot of activity even in its small frame. If it comes to choosing a small dog breed then the Miniature Schnauzer is the perfect dog you can have at home. Being small in size doesn’t make a dent in his confidence and he is always […]