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Why I Dumped NetFlix for BlockBuster Online

I’ve been a NetFlix member for nearly two years now and up to Monday of last week I have had no complaints. I noticed however, that BlockBuster has a similar online DVD rental service but goes beyond NetFlix by allowing its user to also be able to return movies to their local Blockbuster store.

Simple Steps to Better Guitar Tone

Great guitar tone is something that every guitarist wants. The quest for tone is one of the biggest reasons guitar players drop so much money on amplifiers and effects.

Finding The Right Piano Study Technique

Learning to play the piano can be trying at times. It doesn’t matter if you are just starting out, or if you have played for years, sometimes it feels like you just aren’t getting anywhere at all.

The Magic Number for Your Keyboard Success

Are You Looking for a Magical Solution? Are you struggling with trying to figure out how to play well?

Vinyl Records For Sale Buying Tips

As part of my ongoing quest to grow my vintage music collection, I am always looking to find vinyl records for sale. There are a multitude of places you can look to find these bargains.

History of 60s Music

The decade of the 1960′s presented social and political changes that had never been seen before. In addition to this, 60s music changed the direction of popular music and Americana as a whole.

Cornhole the Movie Extra Finds Stardom in the Crowd

In anticipation of his first shot at movie stardom the Hopeful Cornhole Movie Extra left early that morning for the drive to the country. Soon he would be an Extra in Cornhole the Movie. He did not want to be late for this curtain call.

Five Basic Ways To Market Your Music Online

Many people have argued that there are no great piano composers in the modern world. They say that this art died fifty to one hundred years ago. Here are the facts – there are still many unbelievable piano composers in the modern world today.

Color Purple Tickets

Based on Alice Walker’s Pulitzer Prize-winning novel, the musical, ‘The Color Purple’ is Winfrey’s first Broadway venture where she has contributed more than 1 million of the musical’s 10 million production cost.

How to get music on PSP, what you need to do

by: Betty Crosby So you noticed that your Sony Play Station Portable (PSP) can do more than just play games, huh? Well, it can.