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Learn How To Play Electric Guitar – What You Need To Know..

by Chris Johnson: Unfortunately there are a lot of scams around with regard to Learning To Play The Electric Guitar. They are not just confined to the internet either. There are tutors with little experience passing themselves off as qualified instructors. There are also very overpriced courses sold on the internet. But there are also […]

Play Along Guitar – How To Get Started

by Chris Johnson: We all have a latent performer inside of us. Whether we like to be our own audience or not is irrelevant. The ability to be able to play along on our guitar to the current hits or those nostalgic tunes from days past is too often just a dream..

The Scariest Movie Ever

by: Baudelaire Jones What’s the scariest movie ever? Hmmm … good question. I remember when I was about six or seven years old, I saw a movie called Frogs (1972). That was really scary.

Radio and TV Advertising Commercial Music – Spots That Move

by: Tom Gauger Do you include music or don’t you? Do you go with canned production music from the radio station or cable company which costs less, but is probably not as effective, or do you get a music house to write your music bed incorporate the voice over and create a memorable jingle?

Learn Guitar – Online Lessons

by: Mike Hayes Learning guitar is a highly rewarding and enjoyable musical experience. For some people who are overworked during the day,

Importance of Music for Babies

by: Jen Hart Music is an essential element in babies learning and development. Babies are musical beings and are fascinated by music from birth.

Children needs devoted attention in regards to music tuition

by: Celine Gaurier-Joubert Children loves music, they love the sound of drums, guitar, percussion, vocals, violin, the piano or anything else that makes noise.

The Tintin Movie – Kirsten Myburgh To Play Tintin

by: Sosthène Sassou-Nguesso The Tintin movie rumour mill is starting to crank up. The biggest amount of speculation is who is set t play Tintin. Kirsten Myburgh has been linked to the lead role for a while.

Asian Music

by: Will Chueng Early Asian music was commonly used as live entertainment in all sorts of situations, from courts to theaters.

How To Change Electric/Steel Guitar Strings

by: Andy Ng THE STEPS: 1. Notice if you have a floating bridge, jam it with something. To do this, bend the bridge up (like you’re doing a dive on the guitar) and put something between the guitar body and bridge.