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Music Heals Your Body And Soul

I can’t imagine life without music. I love to listen to music and it doesn’t matter what language it is or who is the singer. I love music since I was born and I would always smile and act happy even when I was little, when my parents turn on the radio. I enjoy Armenian […]

Memories and Juke Boxes Go Hand In Hand

I often spent my free time hanging out after school in the poolhall in our small town. Even though it had quite a few business names through the years, it had always been known as the poolhall. Once it had also been a bar but when I was a teen they no longer served alcohol […]


Chris Daughtry is rebounding from his American Idol Loss by recording a “Rock-Pop Crossover” Debut. Five months ago, a North Carolina-born American Idol contestant named Chris Daughtry was on top of the world-or at least he thought he would be soon. He’d established himself as a lead contender with his impassioned, grunge-inspired covers, and victory […]

My First Billy Joel Album

I am proud to declare that I am a huge Billy Joel fan. In fact, I still cherish my first Billy Joel album. That album is not a CD but an old vinyl record. The kind that my kids think should be used as plates. I can still vividly recall the day I bought my […]

Doodlebops: IXS

Be Ready for getting on the Bus with the Doodlebops, kids’ newest music sensation with tons of talent, loads of enthusiasm, and endless energy. If there’s a preschooler in your life, you know the Doodlebops, the bubblegum Canadian rockers who star in their own show on Playhouse Disney. As the made-for-TV siblings, played by the […]

Movie and DVD Reviews

Tom Cruise, Tom Hanks, Steven Spielberg, Hugh Jackman, John Travolta, George Clooney, Mel Gibson, Renee Zellweger, Kate Winslet, Reese Witherspoon. Lord of The Rings, Spiderman, Castaway, X-Men, Walk the Line, Jerry MacGuire, Top Gun, Minority Report, War of The Worlds, Peter Jackson.

Spider-Man 2 (DVD) Review

The summer blockbuster of 2004, Spider-Man 2 follows in the footsteps of its prequel with more thrilling action and enthralling special effects. Directed by Sam Raimi and based on the Stan Lee comic, the film follows the exploits of teenager (Peter Parker) bitten by a genetically modified spider. The spider bite results in the development […]

How to Promote Your CD

Congratulations! Your debut CD is now recorded, replicated, packaged, and ready for market. It’s an amazing feeling to see the fruit of your labor in front of you, nicely packaged as a CD that’s ready to be sold alongside the big wigs in the industry. One small problem: you don’t have the backing and capital […]

Why Artist Development Makes A Difference

Artist development in the music industry has evolved over time, leaving most of the early progress to the artist themselves. For the most part, the days are gone when a record label developed up and coming talent. The question continuously arises for those young artists, “where do I start”? With the advent of the Internet, […]