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Female Celebrity Wallpapers – FCW

Wallpapers have evolved in meaning during the past couple of decades. In the past, wallpapers refer to a sticky big paper with various patterns that can be applied on walls in lieu of paint. Today, wallpapers refer to the image found on the desktop of a computer.

Independent Music Isn’t Dead. It’s the Only Thing Left.

Independent Music Isn’t Dead. It’s the Only Thing Left. If you haven’t been reading the trades for the last couple of years, you might be saddened to know that the music industry–at least, the music industry as it has been molded over the last 40 years–is crumbling.

A key to unlock the music world.

Today in the present world, targets are easily achievable through variable resources and such major resource is internet. Internet is a well known and easy mode to know the things very easily and deeply. One important factor for knowing the things in a more better way by using internet is through e-books is the collection […]

Kanye West Late Registration Rap Music CD Review

by: Clyde Dennis Late Registration is the latest Rap CD put out by the highly talented Kanye West who once again has delivered a brilliant collection of tracks. I’m confident Kanye West fans, and Rap fans alike will be pleased with this one.

Sufjan Stevens Seven Swans Pop Music CD Review

y: Lee Dennis Seven Swans is the latest Pop CD put out by the extremely talented Sufjan Stevens who once again has delivered a brilliant collection of tracks.

A Little Electric Guitar History

by: Clint Strait Though inventors and engineers have been creating electric instruments like music boxes and player pianos since the 1800’s, the first amplified instruments were not created until after the development of the radio in the 1920’s. The first instruments considered for electric amplification were stringed instruments like the viola and string bass.

Angelina Jolie Receives Sunflowers From A Rock Star

What do rock stars buy for their mega-movie star friends after the birth of a child? Well, rocker Gwen Stefani recently answered that question when she and her husband, Gavin Rossdale, brought an enormous bouquet of sunflowers to actress Angelina Jolie after the birth of her daughter with her boyfriend, actor Brad Pitt.

The Golden Compass by Philip Pullman

By: Patrick Roberts Philip Pullman was so inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia that he decided to make his own imitation of C.S. Lewis’ fantasy series. Except, where Lewis wrote to inspire people toward healthy spirituality and reconciliation with God, Pullman writes to promote mysticism and discourage people from seeking God.

Download Music, Video and Movie Files

by: Jeffrey Wolf Until now, you had heard about this subject plenty of times, but really didn’t understand what all the fuss was about. If you’ve never done it before, the idea of downloading something off the Internet can be scary.

building a guitar the timber

by: terry buddell What is the great secret of how Martins, Gibsons, Taylors, Fenders, Gretsch’s and the like, sound so classy? The answers should be clear really.