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Creating a Millionaire Group

Reading success books is a must for anyone looking to delve into the knowledge that will make a difference to their business, career and investments. The only thing more important than reading  all these success books is to ACT ON THEIR ADVICE. One of the greatest success books is Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon […]

The Simple Science of Manifestation

The number one question we all want to know the answer to is: how do we truly get what we want in life? We see people who seem to get everything they want so easily, and others who struggle day in and day out, not ever moving ahead towards any of their goals.

I May be Half Crazy–or Not!

Lately I have been reading about an unorthodox Zen master called Dogen, who lived a very long time ago. To say the least his beliefs were outside the box and controversial.

Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology

by: Claire Call Chinese Zodiac and Chinese Astrology. These 12 animals represent the twelve year, rotating cycle that is essential to the Chinese zodiac.

How Can I Keep a Positive Attitude

by: Zack Lim Attitude is the key to success. It is so important as attitude is more important than I.Q., education, grade point average or almost any other factor.

Life is a Par Four

by: Randy Brown The game of golf offers many lessons that apply to our lives. For every mistake or poor choice there is usually a second chance waiting for us. Second chances are what golf is all about.

Donations–to Give or not to Give

by: Roy E. Klienwachter “Giving” is the greatest opportunity for you to express who you are and how you see yourself in relationship to others and your environment in the moment.

Belief Systems Of Successful And Wealthy People

by: Chris Chew If you want to be wealthy and successful, then just model after the successful and wealthy people and the way they think and behave.

Why Does Mind Power Work?

by: Jorj Elprehzleinn Have you ever heard the expression be careful what you wish for? Or have you ever been accused of “daydreaming” or “being too much in your head”? Mind power scares people.

The Ugly Ducklings Make it Big

by: Wain Roy Every age had given its fair share of accolades to the beautiful men and women of the world. Fictions and fairy tales are no exception either. The proverbial beauty of Helen, Cleopatra, Juliet, Nefertiti, Cinderella and Snow White cannot wane with time, nor can it slip into oblivion. Good looks have been […]