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Do You Have An Unrealistic Dream?

If you don’t have one, get one–Quick! I got interviewed again. A number of times, in fact. This time, the questions were focused on dreaming big dreams. So I’m putting together a bunch of questions and answers from these interviews.

“Why So Much God And Poverty?”

This will be short. I just want to ask you a question. — 0 — Last week, I had lunch with a wealthy foreigner.

Awaken The Giant Within You

Your True Size Is Measured By Your Courage, Wisdom, and Love. Even as a baby elephant, Bulig was big. As Bulig grew up, he was taller and bigger than all his playmates. It didn’t take long for the other elephant to be afraid of him. And Bulig knew this.

Make Your Joy Appointments!

Two weeks ago, I asked you to make your Joy List. (And man, I had fun reading your Joy Lists! Awesome.) Today, I’ll be asking you to take the next step: Make Joy Appointments. Writing your Joy List is only the start.

How a Taxi Driver Became a Bank President

It all started when my plane to Cebu was delayed by 5 hours. While my fellow-passengers around were acting like enraged volcanoes spewing lava, cursing the catastrophe that befell upon us—I smiled and closed my eyes.

The True Source of Self-Confidence

We humans are an odd lot. What passes for “news” these days feels not so much like news as it does titillation designed to sell advertising. Think of the last newspaper front page you read. How much was truly positive news?

How To Deal With Difficult People Without Going Insane

More than 300 comments! Many of them emotional. Pained. Smudged with tears.

Learn To Say No…So You Can Say A Bigger Yes To Life!

Difficult People Will Teach You How To Build Your Boundaries If you’re an approval addict or people-pleaser like me, I’m writing this especially to you.

Do Not Complicate Your Life

“Excuse me, where is the Trinity?” I was walking in the lobby of St. Luke’s hospital in Quezon City when this man came up and hit me with this very deep question.

“When your aspirations come face to face with your self imposed limitations”

“When your aspirations come face to face with your self imposed limitations” A Quote from a friend talking about people he had to deal with. It struck me as being what I have suffered from in the past.