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Training Management: Employees Will Appreciate It

by: George Purdy Anyone who has spoken to a hiring manager has heard the complaint that good people are very hard to find. The secret behind this is that there simply aren’t any good people available!

Identity Management

by: Robert Identity Management Protect and save information, enable business continuity and mitigate risks. Choose the right solution to identity management.

A Business Center in Morocco

Le Domicile d’affaires ‘The RESIDENCE Of BUSINESSES’ is a business center which associates an offer of spaces, services with the chart to measure which meet your professional and personal needs: all what a company and its teams may need to function in its daily activities.

Lean Six Sigma To Reduce Excess And Obsolete Inventory

by: Tony Jacowski Why Lean Six Sigma Staying competitive is sometimes the reason for preventing a long-term solution for elimination of the root cause for excess and obsolete inventory.

The Basics Of Six Sigma Implementation

by: Tony Jacowski Identifying Areas Of Improvement Six Sigma is not easy to implement and requires a lot of effort on part of the organization to make it a success.

The 3 Characteristics Of Six Sigma

by: Tony Jacowski Six Sigma basically aims at improving the efficiency of business processes by reducing the number of defects. The aim is to achieve near-perfect processes wherein the number of defects does not exceed 3.4 per million opportunities that exist for such defects to occur under normal circumstances.

Six Sigma And Design Risk Assessment

by: Tony Jacowski It is true that the changes are effected by experienced Six Sigma professionals such as Black Belts and Master Black Belts, but this does not guarantee the success of such alterations because each business process is unique and is affected by numerous variable factors that are hard to define.

IDOV Methodology Of Six Sigma

by: Tony Jacowski IDOV is a commonly used Six Sigma methodology and stands for Identify, Design, Optimize and Verify.


by: Tony Jacowski Six Sigma is comprised of various methods that help in increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of business processes.

Software Implementation Projects And Six Sigma

by: Tony Jacowski Six Sigma concepts were originally developed for use in the manufacturing sector, but are now increasingly being used in the services sector as well.