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Hard Money Loans – The Answer to Your Problems?

If you’re one of the many, stuck between a financial rock and a hard place (or a foreclosure and a bankruptcy, as the case may be), it may be advantageous for you to look into taking out a hard money loan.

Home Loan after Bankruptcy – Is it Possible?

Even if you have a record of bankruptcy in your credit report, there is still a chance to make a new start.

Lifetime Mortgages

Lifetime mortgage is a name commonly given to the type of equity release loan available to retired home owners who wish to unlock the money tied up in their house. These loans are not usually repaid until the property is sold, often due to the demise of the homeowner or the need to go into […]

Guaranteed loans

When you are going for a loan including a boat loan, you are in a better position to negotiate and get better terms and conditions when you qualify for it. Guaranteed boat loans are a better way to get a loan for the purchase of a boat because in a guaranteed loan, you limit the […]

Bad Credit Emergency Loans: Instant Finance For Sudden Urgencies

by: Victor Stephens Since its inception, Bad Credit Emergency Loans have become a huge hit among the borrowers. It is because these loans provide instant finances within a short span of time.

Bad Credit Personal Loans – For Variety Of Purposes

by: Grasy George Bad credit personal loans are tailor made for accommodating the people, who find it harder to take out a loan from elsewhere due to their blemished and risky history of making payments of old loans and credit cards.

Boat loans for poor credit history.

When going for a loan credit history or a credit report of the borrower is the most important factor taken into account by the lender. Your loan won’t get approved easily if you have a bad credit or a poor credit history. That holds true for any type of loan you are looking for including […]

Consider a boat loan before buying one

Owning a boat can be a different experience and a lifestyle in itself. Getting onto the water on a boat is a luxury if you have your own boat. It is considered a luxury in most ways and a lot of us can not afford to own a boat. But getting a boat is not […]

How To Get A Boat Loan – Boat Loans in Australia

Getting a boat loan is not very difficult with numerous lenders competing for your time and business. It is however important that you prepare before you seek financing from any one of those lenders. Here are some issues that you may like to look at.

Car finance, Are you getting the right loan

Buying a car can be a very emotional decision and can leaving us regretting not doing our checks first. Quiet often we focus on the car price and bargaining with the sales person but we spend very little time checking the car finance package.

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