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Refinance Your Student Loans

If you’ve recently graduated from college, you’ve probably been bombarded with mailings and advertisements urging you to refinance (or consolidate) your student loans right away. But wait, what is loan consolidation? And why should you do it?

Sonic the Hedgehog, Long Live The Legend

Sonic the Hedgehog truely is a legendary video game icon. He smashed his way onto the gaming scene back in 1991 when SEGA first brought you the super fast, blue blur character.

What Kids can learn from the Martial Arts

Martial Arts are becoming more popular as the years go on and they do provide us with the skills that we need in order to protect ourselves form others.

Top Ten Journal Writing Tips for Preteens and Teens

Daily journal writing can be an excellent tool of self-expression and self-discovery for preteens and teens (actually for kids of all ages!). Journal writing helps them to process the myriad of thoughts, feelings, and emotions they experience and becomes an invaluable tool for understanding their many life experiences.

Dance Shoes And Apparel

Dancing! – For many dancing expressions is one of life’s natural ways of expressing emotions. For others dance must be learned. And, alas, others seemingly have no rhythm at all; no amount of dance lessons can help! We all have various gifts and giftings.

Xbox 360 Bundles – The Only Game In Town For A Serious Gamer

Now, we all know that the Xbox 360 is the best gaming system right (or at least, you should know that if you like gaming!)? But, how many of you know that one of the best ways to get on board is to explore the awesome world of Xbox 360 bundles?

Tuxedos and Prom Dresses

Getting ready for the Prom can be quite expensive but the biggest cost is generally in relation to tuxedos and prom dresses. Most of the tuxedos are only rented for the evening but the cost of a good quality one still isn’t very cheap. It is important to get fitted for a tuxedo early to […]

Fourth Of July Craft Ideas For Kids

Independence Day is a fun summer holiday, full of festivals, fireworks, and other activities. It is also a tribute to the beginnings of our country. Fourth of July crafts are an entertaining way for kids to commemorate the anniversary of our independence. Here are some ideas.

Out of Control

Anyone who’s spent time around me knows that I wear my love of winter on my arm. Not my sleeve, mind you, my arm. After all, sleeves can be taken off and put back on. This, however, is no mere article of clothing – it’s more like a tattoo I’ve worn proudly and publicly since […]

Adolescent Obesity – The Blame Game

The prevalence of weight issues among the tweenage generation has prompted debates between schools, parents, food giants and kids. The blame game is often played while our youth continue to tip the scales.