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Queen Exiled to Italy!

by: Robert William Locke Ousted by the Republican party after a closely fought referendum(51%) in which the Monarchy is declared an anachronism, the Queen and Prince Consort decide to live out their exile in Italy. The former UK is now known as New English Republican Dominions (NERD). Follow their daily adventures as they come to […]

Form Of Argument Used By Terrorists Not In Aristotle’s Rhetoric

by: Tom Attea As the body count mounts in Iraq, it has become evident that the terrorists, along with the homicidal sectarians, have developed a new form of argument that is not found in Aristotle’s Rhetoric. The philosopher’s civilized inclinations never prompted him to include, among such acknowledged forms of argument as Argumentum ad Populum […]

Mixers, Pinatas and Other Illegal Items

Shhhh….if you’re in Texas, watch your mouth or you could be arrested. No, I’m not talking about yelling “fire” in a public place or threatening someone. I’m talking about having a private conversation in a private home about a private matter. Whatever you do, don’t tell anyone in Texas how to use a sexual aide. […]

Iran Continues To Star As The Mouse That Roared

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear diminutive Iran roar like a lion about its nuclear ambitions. Or growl about its mighty power by launching yet another flight of missiles. Yet among the world’s most powerful nations Iran remains inarguably diminutive. So, regardless of all the bluster, it can never be more than […]

Presidential Prospects of John Kerry Not Very Merry

Although John Kerry was not very merry when he lost his bid for President, he continued to maintain that he deserves a second chance. He might have had one if it weren’t for two very significant obstacles: Hillary Clinton and John Kerry.

Bush Rows Upstream In Iraq, As In Up Niagara Falls

President Bush continues to row upstream in Iraq, even though the current seems to pick up speed every minute. In fact, he seems to be rowing up Niagara Falls. But he just keeps on going, despite the fact the majority of Americans are standing on the venerable Niagara tour boat, The Maid of the Mist, […]

New Government Study Fails To Locate Mexicans Who Know What A Ladder Is

by: Tom Attea An extensive study by the U. S. government of Mexicans hoping to enter America illegally has concluded that not a single one of them knows what a ladder is.This key finding has given impetus to funding for extensions of the border fence between America and Mexico.

After Election Debate, Emergency Medics Labor To Uncross Hillary Clinton’s Fingers

by: Tom Attea In a recent debate with her Republican opponent in the race for the Senate, Hillary Clinton was repeatedly challenged about her presidential ambitions and accused of inattention to her duties as a Senator from New York. Ever unruffled, she maintained that she is very much focused on her work as a Senator […]

Squirrel Meat – Delicious but Deadly?

by: John Smith One of my favorite movies is National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation. There is one particularly funny scene in which a squirrel has hitched a ride inside the Griswold house sequestered in the tree Clark has set up. The squirrel is discovered and makes a run for it, causing chaos and panic among the […]