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A Treasure Chest for People Who Love Funny Clothing

I have always been a big fan of funny clothing. I am always on the look out for all types of funny clothing, especially when I am out of town. You see, funny t-shirt are the thing in our city and practically everybody has one.

Cheryl Crow Touches Carl Rove; Arm Falls Off

During a White House Correspondents Dinner, Cheryl Crow, who, with Laurie David, is doing a Stop Global Warming College Tour, went up to Carl Rove, hoping to discuss the environmental issue with him.

George Bush’s Secrets to Better Golf

Cheat. Lie. Intimidate. These are the true fundamentals of golf. If George W. Bush shoots a 7 on the par 5 9th hole and his playing partner Rex W. Tillerson the CEO of Exxon Mobil asks the President of the United States of America what he shot, George W. Bush says “Put me down for […]

Pardon Me, But I Thought Free, Freebie, No Cost, Free Download As Well As Many Others, Meant Just That!

You all know what I am referring to and I’m sure you are as fed up as I am with all the parsing of common words to misrepresent something, someone or both. The parsing of commonly held words is stupid and will not be tolerated by the masses any longer!

The Awesome 80’s

It was the decade of decadence. It was about glitz and glamour as well as baubles, bangles, and beads. Everyone loved Luke and Laura in the afternoon. Lady Diane became the People’s Princess when she married Prince Charles. Nighttime soaps like Dallas and Dynasty ruled the airwaves.

Adventures in Wally (cash) World

I went to walmart 2 nights ago and had a very fun experience. I was going there for a chocolate cake. Cash in hand and ready to rock. That is it. Chocolate cake.

Jest Practices: Best Practices for Humor in the Workplace

By: Craig Harrison Most agree that humor in the workplace can have beneficial effects. Yet not all humor is good humor. The challenge: how to interject appropriate humor and fun into our serious jobs without hurting others or seriously undermining the company. When used appropriately, humor can work for you.

The self-gift problems

As you see the problems of nowadays women are growing so fast …

Form Of Argument Used By Terrorists Not In Aristotle’s Rhetoric

by: Tom Attea As the body count mounts in Iraq, it has become evident that the terrorists, along with the homicidal sectarians, have developed a new form of argument that is not found in Aristotle’s Rhetoric. The philosopher’s civilized inclinations never prompted him to include, among such acknowledged forms of argument as Argumentum ad Populum […]

Iran Continues To Star As The Mouse That Roared

Hardly a day goes by that we don’t hear diminutive Iran roar like a lion about its nuclear ambitions. Or growl about its mighty power by launching yet another flight of missiles. Yet among the world’s most powerful nations Iran remains inarguably diminutive. So, regardless of all the bluster, it can never be more than […]