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FUNCTION Organ of sight Cells in each retina register light rays reflected from objects and send nerve impulses to the brain, where information is combined to create a single view of the outside world.

Healthy Eating

A healthy diet consists of a wide variety of foods to help your body grow and stay in good condition and to give you energy. It must include enough of these nutrients: proteins; fats; carbohydrates; vitamins; minerals; and fiber; as well as water, to fuel and maintain your body’s vital functions. Ideally, you should eat […]


FUNCTION Organ of both hearing and balance. Two different groups of hair cells in the inner ear detect sound waves and changes in the body’s position.


FUNCTION Monitors and regulates many unconscious bodily processes, as well as being the site of consciousness and intellectual function, memory and emotions.


FUNCTION Collects and stores urine before it is expelled from the body along the urethra.