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Scrapbooking Ideas

I hope that the following article will help you to better understand this topic. Variety of ideas and tips for scrapbooks that will improve your scrapbook creation

Anyone can draw cartoons!

You too can Draw Cartoon When i was small, I was so much interested in Drawing. I use to feel amazed looking at the cartoons and sketches in news papers and magazines. I use to feel so surprised, how people draw so nicely. I use to ask myself, whether i can become an artist when […]

Knitting Patterns

The present article has been read by many of our visitors and greatly appreciated. Hopefully you will enjoy it likewise. Knit work is no longer only for grandmothers or just any mothers. Now it’s a fun, creative hobby for anyone. Just get some basic data before you start knitting. All you need to start knitting […]

Knowing the different wines for beginners

Of cause I can’t sit here and write down all wine sorts on the market, that wouldn’t even be educational, instead I will write which kind of wines as an overview, and tell you what those kinds are used for and when. Aperitif: This is a pre dinner wine; it’s usually something you get just […]

American Indian Art Auctions: Beadwork

The artworks made by the American Indian incorporate numerous varieties of arts and crafts. The diversity of the American Indian art ranges from the traditional beadwork, pottery

Collecting Model Trains as a Hobby

A hobby is like a mini vacation. It is an escape, an outlet for a short period of time but which is savvied more often than a vacation.

Madame Alexander Doll – Scarlett

One of my favorite vintage Madame Alexander dolls is Scarlett. December 1939 was the debut of the new line of Madame Alexander composition Scarlett O’Hara dolls.

About French And Belgian Comics

Comics And Comic Books РFrance and Belgium are two countries with a long history of comics and comic books. They are called Bande Dessin̩e in French.

How To Value Your Antique Clocks

Antique Longcase clocks like antique artwork or other collectable items are so individual in nature that it is almost impossible to make a fixed valuation on them.

The Art of Selecting a Quilting Pattern

In the past, quilting patterns were handed down generation to generation. You could get new patterns that weren’t in your family from close friends.