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Rock the Trend: Fitted Blazers & Skinny Pants

In the everyday world of dressing, many women wear blazers and many more wear skinny pants, but who would have ever thought to put these styles together?

Rock the Trend: Spencer Jacket

The Spencer jacket is back and packs plenty of attitude for Fall 2008. To tell you a little more about this little jacket, it is a feminine take on the waiter-style topcoat, and goes well with skirts, dresses, pants, and any choice of footwear.

Rock the Trend: Punk Chic

Remember Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “I Love Rock ‘N Roll”? Most of us tried to mimic it a bit at one point or another in our lives. Well, the look is back with an added touch of chic. The Punk Chic, or Subtle Punk,

Rock the Trend: Leather

Want to update an American staple for the cooler months ahead? Then saddle up in the luxurious feel of leather. This season look to the runways for clean, classic shapes done in leather;

Rock the Trend: Egyptian-Inspired Pieces

Rock the Casbah this Fall with Egyptian-inspired pieces. Add a few of these exotic pieces to spice up your wardrobe and jump into the ethnic trend. Dresses, jewelry,

Rock the Trend: Draping

This season look runway ready in the trend that looks to the past for inspiration. Draping is a great way to add sculptural interest to your ensemble, hide body flaws, or add volume. In the past, only used for eveningwear,

How to Wear Black

In fashion, black is a color that is oftentimes synonymous with business, or new age, or designs for a younger generation. However, it is a basic color that is in almost everyone’s wardrobe, no matter their station in life, hobbies, or profession.

How to Comparison Shop Online

By definition, comparison shopping is the act of finding an item that you like at one store and comparing its price to other retailers who carry the same item.

Fashion In Review: Ted Baker

Ted Baker is a clothing line for men and women with attitude, style, and sophistication. This is a label where quality and attention to detail are not just important components, but a mantra they live by.

Fashion In Review: Gabriella Rocha Studio

Gabriella Rocha Studio is an offshoot of the original Gabriella Rocha line. The studio brand is ideal for the modern young woman who is in the transitional stages of her life from collegiate to professional.