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Will Soy Candles be the Leader to Light the Future?

Ahhhh, the scent and sight of a burning paraffin wax candle and the appealing ambiance that it adds to any room! One may think that this scenario is innocence in its purest sense.

Rising interest rates make things difficult for first-time property buyers

With the Bank of England recently announcing another rise in interest rates, there has been mounting pressure on some households’ finances. In April, interest rates rose to 5.5%, and some financial analysts believe that a further increase is already likely, with rates reaching 6% before the end of the year.

Celebration Of Faith

I barely remember any details on my own baptism, but my mother told me that I was named on the same day that I was baptized. It was a simple ceremony attended by relatives and close friends of my parents.

Frugal Living Tip – Giving Yourself a Reason to Save Money

In the US and much of the Western world, we equate money with happiness, even though our personal experience seldom gives us reason to believe that the old saying “you can’t buy happiness” is anything less than true.

Personalized Photo Mugs The Perfect Gift

A sturdy types of cup used for drinking hot bevaerages are called mugs. They are bigger and can be filled with more water. It is usually made of ceramic but you can also find some that are made from high quality glass.

Ideas for Gifts you can give again and again

Have you ever wanted to give the same gift twice? To not have to think of new ideas each year? There are gifts you can safely give multiple times to the same people and they will be extremely happy each time.

Three Stories. One Change Of Heart.

This was no ordinary Sunday. At least not for Jennifer and her family. As little baby Jimmy cooed and frantically reach for all the hands that were touching him, he was happy to be made a fuss all over.

Tidbits For Baby’s Baptism

As you would expect from the Christians, the baptism ceremony is very crucial for them and for a baby to be baptized it is even important since it signals the beginning of the baby’s journey into a life of Christianity.

Efficient Use Of Your Home Freezer

Your freezer is like a little city and you are a real-estate agent. The first thing you need to understand is property value. Don’t worry there is no licensing exam required.

Summertime and the Thieving is Easy!

There is no doubt that the long lazy days of summer perk us all up and put a smile on our faces. No doubt either that the burglar is also perked up by summer because it is the season that many homeowners make things so easy for him.