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Families are Beautiful

It’s nice when the whole family spends time together. You share a special bond between one another that cannot be recreated with anyone else. Father, mother, sister, brother, you all belong to each other in a special way.

8 Tips For A Stress-Less Holiday To Make

I think GPS systems are the greatest. (Global Position System) I know a few people who definitely need them. A few years ago we had guests driving from California to our home in Utah to stay over night. It was about a ten hour drive. I gave what I thought was excellent instructions and directions […]

Families Sharing Holiday Duties

By: J Gardener Every year, as the holiday season rolls around, families face the stress of trying to fit everything into their schedules. Christmas parties, school pageants, church events-they all claim our time, and we enjoy the bustle, for the most part, since it is just a temporary situation.

Create A Recipe Family Heirloom

By: Julia Sage Have you ever thought about creating your own cookbook? Many times people are told they need to create a cookbook with the delicious meals they make. Others have great ideas for creating their own cookbook. They search through cookbooks, a light goes off in their heads, and they say, “Hey, I can […]

The Infamous Red Ribbon Cake

By: Christine Layug Red Ribbon Bakeshop is the number one bakeshop here in the Philippines that sells unique Red Ribbon Cake. Cake is a form of food that is usually sweet and often baked. Cakes are often the dessert for most of the meals or at ceremonial occasions or events such as weddings, anniversaries and […]

Summer in London city: cooling down in the capital

Whether it’s due to global warming or not, things seem to be heating up – so living in the city can get a little sticky come summer. But the revival of many of London’s classic watering holes means it’s possible to cool down in the very heart of the nation’s capital.

Think before you borrow and take out a responsible loan

Brits love to borrow and on average borrow more than our European or North American counterparts. Banks and credit card companies offer a huge array of loans and credit, making it easy to get hold of extra funds if you want it. But don’t be fooled into thinking that loans provide money for nothing. If […]

Violence in Our Homes

The family is considered as the basic unit of the society. It is an inviolable social institution, which for all intents and purposes, is safeguarded by the state with all its pervasive powers and coercive mechanism.

When Disability Is the Lesser Evil

You would not want it to happen to you, you would not even want to think of the possibility of being a subject thereof.

Hurricane Season 2007 – Are You Prepared?

The 2007 Atlantic Hurricane Season is now upon us. And for those of us in the Southeast Region of the United States, it is a time when we begin to think – how bad is it going to be this season?