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Diabetes Diet: An Overview

by: Khim Lim You will need to adopt a special diabetes diet once you are diagnosed with this condition. Basically, this is just one of the changes that you must make, to improve your health. A diabetes diet is based on the food pyramid designed for diabetics. The food pyramid is a great foundation for […]

Is Diet Soda Good for Your Diet?

by: Kathryn Lively When you think of nutrition and eating healthy, most likely you are more concerned about the food you eat than the beverages you drink. You may think having a diet drink could not do any harm at lunch or dinner, but if you indulge too much it could add up to trouble […]

Dangers With Low Carb Diets..

by: Tiara James What About Dietary Fiber? Overall, dietary fiber does not provide much nourishment to the human diet because of the inability to break down these carb sources for energy, yet reduces available kcalories by providing a sense of satiety and by absorbing some nutrients including fat. However, fiber also absorbs and eliminates essential […]