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Healthy diet, alkaline food, alkaline beverage!

by: dwellness Cultural Roots Western thinking follows the Cartesian paradigm. From this emerged modern medicine. Essentially the theory goes that we can only recognize tangible structures of matter.

Health Benefits of Vegetarian Diet

by: Melvin Tan Vegetarian Diet is among the healthiest ways to eat, I have been on a vegetarian diet-or to be more exact-a vegan diet for close to 1 year now and have been the healthiest of my entire life.

Undercover Low Fat Danger

So, low-fat products are good for loosing-weight? Those who are consuming only low-fat food can wake up with big surprises. Check this out: you are consuming with 28% more calories from low-fat snacks, then by eating the usual ones. In the case of obese people can be with 45% or more calories.

Avoiding Yo-Yo Diets

by: Stan Goldstein Almost everyone who have ever attempted dieting have undergone one time or another through a yo-yo diet.

Optimal Nutrition versus Atkins Diet

by: Alex Petr After 30 years since the Atkins diet was first publicised, some US scientists finally concluded that it could have some merits.

Rheumatoid Arthritis Supplements In Your Diet

by: Steve Knowles If someone had told me a few years ago that diet was important for arthritis, I would not have believed it! But from personal experience I now know there is a very important link.

Devising Your Own High Blood Pressure Diet

by: Judy Wellsworth If you have been diagnosed with high blood pressure, it is almost a certainty that your doctor has advised you to begin adhering to a high blood pressure diet as a way to control your hypertension.

The Best High Fiber Diet To Lose Weight

by: Judy Wellsworth The majority of people in the developed world are now unfortunately overweight. This is a result of the world we live in where junk food is king and convenience is everything.

You Need 15 Good Foods and 10 Things for your Diet

by: Ruddy Setiadi Gunawan Diet is a tough challenge for many people. I will give you some useful tips for your diet. These tips are good to read but extremely useful if you really practice these tips in your real life.

Should You Go For Nutritional Diet, Vitamin Supplements, Or Both?

by: Mario Churchill Getting and staying healthy are both incredibly difficult to achieve in present times because of various factors. The environment most people live in, for instance, are have essential features, such as air pollution, that are detrimental to people’s health.