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A CRASH Diet Could CRUSH You

by: parimal patel An Overall healthy appearance makes one feel proud and also enhances one’s self confidence. Extra fat puts a huge strain on the heart, kidneys, liver and also on the large weight-bearing joints such as the hips, knees also with the ankles.

Clean Up Your Diet and Clear Your Acne

by: Selena Rymore Acne is a common skin condition that creates not only discomfort and embarrassment, but can also cause pain and irritation.

5 Tips to Help Your Dieting Day

by: Lidia Bindy With today’s food service industry providing us with ample opportunities to overeat, it has become increasingly hard to eat in a healthy way.

The Link Between Your Eczema & Your Diet

by: Sylvia Johnstone Did you know that the Eczema condition you suffer from, and the severity of it, is directly linked to your diet-how and what you eat make huge differences with conditions like this, yet most people have no idea.

The Problem with Diets

by: Pat Craig Weight loss is such a big issue in this country that the industry catering to it is a multi-billion dollar one. This is rather amazing given the fact there is a significant problem with diets.

The Perils of Fast Food Diets

by: Pat Craig There are some foods that we eat on a consistent basis even though we know that they are bad for us. A steady diet of fast food is an expressway route to the grave.

Fat Loss Idiots – How To Choose A Diet Plan

by: John Davnport Many diets are so complicated that it’s impossible to know how they work. They either require a PhD to figure out or that they’re so difficult to implement that you’re better off not even giving it a try.

Successful Detoxification with Cabbage Detox Diet

by: Judy Wellsworth Lately detoxification is being given lots of attention. Although the idea existed for years, it was taken for granted by the people.

The Atkins Diet Vs The South Beach Diet

by: Johnny Moon If you are trying to lose weight or even if you aren’t, you have probably heard of the two famous diets: the Atkins Diet and the South Beach Diet.

Hoodia Diet Pills: A Solution to End Obesity

by: Emily King It is a difficult task to minimise your weight if you are obese. However, if one goes on doing regular exercises and continues with definite diet pattern, obesity can be managed.