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Seduction and Dating Tips for Men: The Power of Quantity

It’s my guess that most of the guys reading don’t need much convincing that pursuing multiple romantic entanglements is definitely the way to go.

Free Gay personals and Gay dating service for singles

We all know that there are not many free Gay personals service online. There are some Gay dating web sites which offer free Gay dating services and pay Gay dating services.

5 Dating Tricks For Women

Establishing eye contact with your date will let him know that you are listening. Although you’re not interested in his babbling, just look straight at him.

How to Make Her Feel Good on a Date?

Dating is the chance to know a person. Surely, men can’t resist the temptation of impressing their dates, especially if the one that they are dating is someone they want.

Alpha Male Series: Making Dates More Enjoyable and Fun

Most people are usually nervous when it comes to their first dates. A tensed expression and cold hands is definitely not a good way to meet your date.

Online due nuovi siti dedicati agli incontri!

Da pochi giorni sono entrati a far parte del panorama web due nuovi siti dedicati a tutti coloro che desiderano conoscere nuovi amici nelle città e provincie di Roma e Milano. 

Pick Up Artist Techniques

Sometimes the first thing guys want to do when they meet a girl is show her that they understand GAME. They’ll start talking about evolution, alpha males, how girls will always cheat on their boyfriends, how they know girls like intimacy more than guys etc.

Mystery the Pick-Up Artist uses Storytelling on VH1

The next story telling technique is very powerful and ties back into displaying your personality and bringing your characters to life. This technique is adding TOUCH to your stories.

Pick-Up Artist Tips: Storytelling in Action on VH1

Okay guys, this is “Part II” of the storytelling newsletter. In “Part I” we covered why storytelling is important and how it can improve your game dramatically.

Dating Tips: Using Storytelling to Attract Women

Today I want to talk to you about a subject that I feel is very important and powerful when it comes to meeting and holding the interest of not only women but anyone in your life. This subject is none other than Storytelling and when used correctly, can make your desirability with women sky rocket.

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