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Protect your Home PC from Hackers!

A recent study commissioned in July of 2008 by Steganos, a provider or privacy software, has found that many home computers are woefully unprotected and the users are unaware of the privacy and security software and

Software making: Some valuable knowledge about softwares

Before you outsource software projects, you want to make sure you know exactly what you want the software to do, because you can spend a fortune on making changes. If you want reliable reviews of casinos, tips on strategy for winning at poker

Monitoring Your Computer’s Activity: Another Personal Safeguard

Today, PC security is an issue that touches just about every aspect of everyone’s everyday life. Not only should you be safeguarding your kids from potential Internet dangers (which is essential for 21st century parents), but it’s also imperative that you keep your PC safe from virus attacks

Oracle Indexing

From the outset, the term and the concept ‘Indexing’ may seem complicated, however it is pretty straightforward, as long as you know the basics of indexing. Commonly Used Indexes b-tree-Index This is the most commonly used index type in Oracle.

New eBay Tool Makes Watching Auctions Fun

The biggest problem you have on eBay is monitoring auctions. Whether it is your own auctions as a seller, or keeping track of auctions you are bidding on, or just interested in maybe bidding on.

How Secure is Your Home PC?

Everyone talks about having a safe and secure PC. The discussion usually centers on Anti-virus protection, Firewalls and a strong browser that will reject pop-ups and other web-based auto-downloads.

Are You Being Watched?

WHEN Elizabeth arrives at work each day, a camera tracks her movements. As she enters the building, one camera zooms in on her face. During the day numerous other cameras keep her under constant surveillance. This level of scrutiny is understandable because she works for a company that handles millions of dollars in cash each […]

Outlook Tutorials How-to Series: How to Share Outlook Calendars without Exchange Server

Sharing Microsoft Outlook Calendars is a great way for you to keep your employees, friends and even family up to date on what is going on in your life. Because Microsoft Outlook is a popular email utility, there is no better way to share your calendars than through this software. But, how do you share […]

Office Timesheets – Time Tracking Made Easy & Profitable

How much money do you lose each day because you don’t have a system to track employee productivity? Time is money and how your employees spend their time on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis can cost you money or it can make you money. When employee productivity is enhanced, you are able to […]

How Does a Data Shredder Work?

A data shredder is software that deletes unwanted files from your computer so that it can never be retrieved. This is not only done to clear your computer of too much junk but also to minimize potential threats of information or identity theft. Data shredder software shreds files to such an extent that it can […]