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Mobile Phones: Lets Talk Smart Business

by: Elizabeth Wills The latest mobile phones with their high-end features have eased the work-pressure of the business professionals. With more and more business gadgets being manufactured currently, managing your professional front has become easier and a lot more exciting. Shop online and buy the newest gizmo at the lowest price.

Nokia N95: Simply a Hi-class Product

by: Elizabeth Wills Nokia’s gadgets have always amazed us with their swish looks and immaculate technology. Now, it has come up with a range of brilliant multimedia products: the N-series. One of the star-creations of N-series, the N95 is a truly marvellous product from this mobile manufacturer. Get a complete makeover of your lifestyle with […]

Mobile Gadgets: New-age Technology Wonder

by: America Ebony Is your monthly phone bill a cause of your worries of late? Opt for a contract deal providing you 12 months free line rental and enjoy a hassle-free mobile phone experience. Clinch the cheapest contract mobile phone deal and pep up your life with the best mobile phone.

Tips to Find the Best Calling Rates and Buy Calling Cards Online

by: Sharon Chen These days, long distance charges are very competitive. Every month, we receive many flyers of long distance service and often watch such advertisements on TV. Even home phone and cell phone company can provide their ‘cheap’ long distance package also. But the latter is more expensive.

Nokia E61 – Mix Business With Pleasure

by: Caitlin Lucy After being left out by Blackberry and O2 in business phone category, Nokia have given a fresh look at providing comprehensive business solutions. The E series was launched with an aim to carter your business needs packed with all useful business features. Being a prominent member of the series, The Nokia E61 […]

Sony Ericsson K800i: Shoot With Precision

by: Caitlin Lucy No matter how good your memory is, but it is quite natural that you would easily forget certain things. Well, you cannot do anything about that because it is as certain as anything can be, but one thing that you can do is to treasure all your special moments in the form […]

Nokia N80: Classic Design With Premium Features

by: Caitlin Lucy Nokia N series handsets have given the best to the consumers all around the world in terms of multimedia features and technologies. In the same queue, the Nokia N80 with its elegant design and premium features have won the heart of almost all mobile users. Enriched with seamless home media networking and […]

Mobile Phones – a Spectrum of Choices to Cater to Varied Needs

by: Carly Selection of mobile phones can prove to be quite a difficult task – what with new models being conceptualized, designed and delivered every month from almost all the leading handset manufacturers. The market for mobiles has become demand centric – and the customer’s wish is the command at quite a few different levels. […]

Artificial Intelligence

by: Mehta Ankit Chandrakant AI is the science of making machines do things that would require intelligence if done by men. It includes reasoning, learning, planning, speech recognition, vision, and language understanding. These machines are being used today in a wide variety of applications, such as monitoring credit card fraud, making autonomous decisions on space […]

Key Systems Vs. Pbx, Which is Better for your Business?

by: Kingston Amadan As a phone system retailer and wholesaler, I am often asked what the cutoff line is for the total number of lines one needs before they should move out of a key system and into a PBX. For the uninitiated, a key system is based off of internal terminal technology, meaning the […]