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BMW Motorcycles – A Brief History

It was the Treaty of Versailles that changed the face of BMW. Up until the end of World War 1, BMW was a manufacturer of aircraft engines. Its famous blue and white circular badge, which is said to represent aircraft propellers in motion, being a reminder of the company’s past.

Jeep: Huge and Handy car manufacturer

Jeep is always known for the sporty look car which is often heavy and bulky but on the other hand is very much handy. Now it is in the news that Jeep had become successful in the introduction of the 7-passenger trail. The cars manufactured by the Jeeps are SUVs which can be easily taken […]

The Harley-Davidson Story

William Harley was 21 when he drew up plans for an 116cc engine, which was built and fitted to a pedal cycle. That was in 1901. He was joined by his friend Arthur Davidson, and together they worked on what was really a motor-bicycle. With the help of Arthur’s brother, Walter, they completed the project […]

Who Invented the Motorcycle

Good question, but I have to ask you one; gas or steam? No, that’s not what my Dental Hygienist asks me before she sets to work cleaning my gnashers. You see Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas powered motorcycle in 1885, when an engine created by Nicolaus August Otto was attached to a wooden bicycle.

Xotic Dream Cars

Xotic Dream Cars LLC, headquartered in West Palm Beach, FL specializes in providing exotic cars to consumers at a reasonable price. As you may know, the costs associated with owning a Ferrari or Lamborghini are sky high.

Car Auctions

Generally in the automobile market the prices offered by the retailers are too high for the brand new car. The condition of a used car when sold through a used car seller is also not good. Thus to get a car at a good price has become very difficult.

BMW Engines and Vehicles: outstanding manufacturer and magnificent car producer

The initial move to construct such a fabulous motor company: A German chap known as Rapp Motoren Werke, in the external districts of Munich, initially recognized BMW in the year 1913. On the other hand the preliminary companies foundation commerce was in fabricating aero plane locomotives

Benefits of hybrid driving

A lot of people don’t recognize that with gas price on the rise and technology at the reach of our fingers, there are many options to take into account . The best answer at this time is to convert your present car into a hybrid with few reversible modifications.

Best Gas Mileage

I hope that the following article will help you to better understand this topic. As we may already know, most people are disruptive with the skyrocketing petrol prices. Most of us want to get the best fuel consumption rate from our vehicles and rightly so. Virtually all of us would not mind to own a […]

Increase Gas Mileage

Take the time to read the following article, surely you will benefit from the research that has been conducted in order for it to be written. In today’s time, people get immensely disruptive by the steady increase in gasoline prices.