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The Exploding Coconuts

Have you ever noticed that most of life’s lessons contradict each other? Like “Always stop to smell the flowers” and “Idle hands are the Devil’s workshop.” I remember in high school, my chemistry teacher, Mr. James, explained violent reactions by taking a small slice of sodium metal and dropping it in water.

Selling – Using Toll Free Numbers

One of the best tools that I have used is a toll free phone number capturing system that enables customers to request information 24/7, and today you are able to get them at fire sale prices. When this system is used, not only do you increase the number of calls that are generated from your […]

Negotiating Your Way to the Best Baby Bargains

When was the last time you negotiated a deal on something? For most Americans the only negotiating done, and often with uncomfortable feelings, is when you buy a car or a house. Does this sound familiar?

Using a Freight Forwarder

The rights of consumers in the retail sector are very well known, but when it comes to buying services for your business the laws and conventions are very different. This article tells you what to expect if you buy freight forwarding services and something goes wrong.

How To Store Heirloom Clothing The Right Way

I am sick and sad. I cleaned out a storage place in my home and I found an old suitcase and large plastic bag with baby clothes included two christening dresses that I had saved. I am sick because of the condition they were in.

5 Tips On How To Downsize For Seniors

As I work with families as a professional organizer whose loved ones have moved out of their homes either to a retirement center, nursing home, care center or are deceased I increasingly see what a burden their loved ones possessions are to the families in charge of taking care of these possessions which have been […]

Six Simple Tips To Reduce Clutter

As I was walking this morning there was a beautiful rainbow in the sky. I started thinking how each color could represent some part of organization in our homes. (I can’t help it, as a professional organizer my mind works that way).

All Membership Sites for Everyone

The internet marketer, you are always looking for fresh, new products that you can use to product an income or to use as free offers to grow your subscriber list. One way of having access to new products is to join a membership site, which guarantees that you will always have something new to offer […]

Ghostwriters for your E-book Products….

When you hire for a writer for your e-book, what you are doing is enlisting the services of a ghostwriter. A ghostwriter is a writer who publishes under someone else’s name, with the consent of both parties.

Confident Ways To Blow Up Your Adsense Profits

Contrary to what you read in some ebooks, making money with Adsense is fairly difficult. Sure, anyone can make a couple of dollars a day by putting up a website about their favorite hobby. But if you are looking to make serious money, your hobby just isn’t going to cut it.