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Relocating your Plants to a New Home

by: Maurice When moving, it is important to be organized so things do not get excessively stressful. If you own plants, you might be aware that they also can suffer stress from a move. If sufficiently stressed out, they will die.

Work From Home: Earn from your Own Website

by: Gerry Restrivera Create and market your own website as a Homebased business and make money from it. You could earn from it though PPC (Pay per Click) advertising, promoting products as an affiliate or putting ads to your website. Here are some points I would like to share in doing your own website. 

Three Tips On “Beware Of Friends Wo Sell What They Recommend.”

by: Kim Klaver Lots of comments about how to deal with the perception: “Beware of friends who sell what they recommend.” They’re continuing to come in, so I’ll announce a raffle winner tomorrow. (Interesting how many commenters seem to be in denial about this perception. Accept it. People have it. Many people would buy from […]

Consumer Reports – DVD Recorders

by: Brooke Yan At the highest-quality setting, the quality of most DVD video recordings is better than that of a VCR. DVD recorders also offer more ways to navigate recordings, with no need to rewind or fast-forward. With certain disc types, DVD recorders can perform functions that no VCR can match, such as letting you […]

Consumer Reports – Dvd-players

by: Brooke Yan The DVD has come to dominate video even more quickly than the CD conquered audio in the 1980s. Along with changing what we watch–discs rather than tapes–DVDs are changing how we watch. The digital format makes it easy to go directly to desired sections of a movie, and the picture and sound […]

Consumer Reports – Headphones

by: Brooke Yan With audio and video gear taking center stage in many households, it’s bound to happen: You’re relaxing to a classical CD when your kids start blasting MTV or a DVD movie. Rather than resorting to a duel of decibels, you can keep the peace by doling out headphones.

Consumer Reports – Digital Cameras

by: Brooke Yan Digital cameras, which employ reusable memory cards instead of film, give you far more creative control than film cameras can. With a digital camera, you can transfer shots to your computer, then crop, adjust color and contrast, and add textures and other special effects.

Consumer Reports – Desktop Computers

by: Brooke Yan The desktop computer has become just another appliance you use every day. Replacement sales–not first-time purchases–now drive the computer market. Fully loaded desktops selling for less than $800 are common, even among established brands.

Valentine’s Day – Romantic Dinner for Two

by: Alexis Everson Valentines Day is a day to express your love, and to celebrate the spirit of love. It’s the time of year to celebrate romance again. Actually, it’s always the time of year to celebrate romance, but this is the time for something special for that someone special in your life.

6 simple steps to use a simple traffic generation strategy

by: Prashant Waikar Did you know? Blogging is one the BEST ways of gaining traffic for your site. It can also be used to promote the products of your affiliates. and the best part is… a Blog is absolutely FREE. Step to Starting Your Own Blog #1: Get a Blog The bst part about a […]