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PPC Advertising: The Maximum Minimum

by: Scott Lindsay Pay Per Click (PC) advertising places you in the driver’s seat when it comes to advertising. It is truly one of the most cost effective means of advertising on the Internet. PPC also provides the opportunity to recast your advertising in a very short period of time.

Poster Accessories Give a Different Feel to your Poster

by: Chris Broad We all know that posters are a great way of communicating message to large masses. So if you want to reach out to a wider audience, what you need to do is put up posters of all shapes and sizes with the message that you wish to pass on to them. Being […]

Coupons, Maps and Other Advertising Rip-offs

by: Big Mike McDaniel Every community has ’em. Fast talkers who roll into town with a clever idea to sell to people in business. Many times the ideas are clever and cute but you should weigh the ups and downs of every offer before you dig out the checkbook. Most of these in-town-for-a-day people want […]

Earn Through Google Adsense

by: Ivan Brown One of the very best ways to make money from any Website or Blog is by using Google’s very own advertising program called Google AdSense. What basically happens is you sign up with Google and then they will give you a code to copy and paste onto your Website and then Ads […]

Promotional Pens

by: Chris Shetler Has anybody suggested enforcing your brand identity through promotional pens? ‘What? Pens, as promotional items,’ – was this your reaction? Think before making that exclamation! Nobody can deny the importance of pens even in the age of emails and mobiles. Whether it’s scribbling an you need to jot down an important phone […]

Online Image Hosting Boosts the Performance of Newspaper Classified Ads

by: Janet Doherty Image hosting is a service provided by websites or Internet service providers allowing users to store photos or images to their servers by uploading them to a website. These photos are accessible to the users by the codes provided by the host. These service providers allow users to hotlink these images to […]

Logo Designers – the 5 Point Plan to Designing a Stunning Logo

by: Horatio Farquaar If we had a dollar every time somebody gave us their opinions on what makes a great logo we’d be able to at least buy a round or two round The Porter during happy hour (providing they’d allow payment in dollars). So, are there any big secrets to putting together a recognisable […]

Ways to Improve your Adsense Earnings

by: Nikos Apostolou If webmasters want to monetize their websites, the great way to do it is through Adsense. There are lots of webmasters struggling hard to earn some good money a day through their sites. But then some of the “geniuses” of them are enjoying hundreds of dollars a day from Adsense ads on […]

More Signs of Digital Signage Adolescence

by: David Little Last week, another sign that dynamic digital signage is entering media adolescence emerged with the announcement that global information and media company VNU and the In-Store Marketing Institute will jointly launch a new service to help marketers better understand how to reach and influence consumers while they shop.

The Importance of Internet Advertising

by: Ralph Nunes So you’ve developed your product or selected your affiliate program, set up your website and you’re poised to start raking in the money. Now what? No one will know that your site exists if you don’t do some internet advertising. You must get your name out there in front of the masses […]