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The Key To Internet Safety: One Book + One Monitoring Software

Internet safety is no doubt the hot topic for parents and government these days, as far as child safety is concerned. I just finished reading a book entitled “How To Keep Your Child Safe on the Internet” by Wendy Davies,

Online Safety Heads Back-to-School

August means kids heading back to school! Parents around the country rejoice! While some kids may have found more time to surf idly online during the summer, very often, parents are able to curtail that time.

Monitoring Your Computer’s Activity: Another Personal Safeguard

Today, PC security is an issue that touches just about every aspect of everyone’s everyday life. Not only should you be safeguarding your kids from potential Internet dangers (which is essential for 21st century parents), but it’s also imperative that you keep your PC safe from virus attacks

Cyberbullying – The Biggest Threat to Kids on the Internet

Reports and stories in the media tend to focus on Internet predators when it comes to Internet safety. However, the reality is that the biggest threat our children face is cyberbullying, also known as electronic or online bullying.

How Secure is Your Home PC?

Everyone talks about having a safe and secure PC. The discussion usually centers on Anti-virus protection, Firewalls and a strong browser that will reject pop-ups and other web-based auto-downloads.