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Touching the Future – Touch Screen Interfaces and Mobile Phones

The touch screen interface is one that has been a long time developing. The first touch interfaces used in computers were Wacom graphics tablets, which were developed by a Japanese company to support writing Japanese ideograms as a text input method.

Is 2008 the Year of the Smartphone?

Once upon a time our mobile phones were only for making telephone calls. Today, more of us want our mobile phones to be fully loaded with every imaginable feature: Internet accessibility, MP3 capabilities, GPS navigation, email devices.

Choosing the Right Glass for the ‘Amateur Drinker’

One doesn’t need to be a ‘professional wine taster’ a ‘wine snob’ or a fully paid-up member of ‘CAMRA’ in order to experience the most enjoyment from your favourite tipple in the right glass.

Everyone Can Write – by a Dyslexic

Genevieve Dawid was born dyslexic and dysphasic and yet still have become an author. At school her spelling was so poor that she was told not to participate in English classes.