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Riding Your Motorcycle in the Rain

You love riding in the rain don’t you? Don’t you? Why not? As long as you have the right gear and a little common sense, there’s no reason why you can’t enjoy a ride out when the wet stuff is falling.

BMW Motorcycles – A Brief History

It was the Treaty of Versailles that changed the face of BMW. Up until the end of World War 1, BMW was a manufacturer of aircraft engines. Its famous blue and white circular badge, which is said to represent aircraft propellers in motion, being a reminder of the company’s past.

Spanish Tapas

Now, I’m not what you’d call a ‘Big Bloke’, but I do like my food and I especially like Spanish Tapas which are essentially small tasty snacks served with drinks in Spanish bars and cafes. Rather than dine in a single place, the ever-social Spaniards go out for Tapas.

The Harley-Davidson Story

William Harley was 21 when he drew up plans for an 116cc engine, which was built and fitted to a pedal cycle. That was in 1901. He was joined by his friend Arthur Davidson, and together they worked on what was really a motor-bicycle. With the help of Arthur’s brother, Walter, they completed the project […]

Who Invented the Motorcycle

Good question, but I have to ask you one; gas or steam? No, that’s not what my Dental Hygienist asks me before she sets to work cleaning my gnashers. You see Gottlieb Daimler invented the first gas powered motorcycle in 1885, when an engine created by Nicolaus August Otto was attached to a wooden bicycle.