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Adsense – Maximizing Your Earnings.

By: John Anderson
It always baffles me why people keep doing the same things with adsense and wondering why they aren’t making any money.

A recent stop at the digital point forum proves my theory correct. Just take a look at some of the posts. They are always about the same thing “i’m not making any money with adsense.”

No matter how many times you check the posts it’s always the same questions. Look, if you have a proxy website up you won’t make any money, if you have an MFA site up you won’t make any money, if you have a site with poor quality content, duplicate content, tons of your holiday pictures and no substance, you won’t make any money.

Adsense advertisers want sites with quality targeted content. Then and only then will google serve you with the higher paying ads.

If you don’t follow a blueprint that is already making money you will always fail with adsense, that’s virtually guaranteed.

Quality up-dated content that is unique to your site is what google adsense and there advertisers are looking for. They don’t want to spend there hard earned money on advertising on poor quality sites with crappy useless content. Once you understand this will you be able to start earning money with adsense.

I checked a few of the sites in the signature files of digital point members and you know what I found, you guessed it, useless sites full of nothing. No wonder these guys aren’t making any money. You should start learning from someone who is already making money with adsense, I’m not talking about $20-$50 a month, I’m talking about $100 a day minimum. Check out there sites, look around, what are they doing that you are not doing. Look at the quality of there content, how often is it up-dated, what is the ad placement they are using. These are all of the things that are lacking in a poor earning adsense site.

There is no reason why you can’t be doing the same. Do some google searches and it won’t take you long to locate hundreds of quality sites using adsense properly. Adsense is not a get rich quick method to instantly make tons of cash overnight. If you apply proven and solid methods for maximizing your adsense earnings you will start to be able to build a quality site that will start to earn money on a daily basis.

Stop trying to re-invent the wheel and don’t think you can outsmart google adsense and try and sneek your way to making easy money, because it hust won’t work.

Now get out there and start to build some quality content for your sites. Start from fresh and you will soon be surprised by the results you receive.

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John Anderson
AdSense Mentor

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