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Women’s Golf – Explained

by: Bob Smith
Golf has always been considered a gentleman’s game. However, gentlemen, move over, it’s time to recognize the women. Golf has been growing rapidly in popularity for women. Now it is a great way for the ladies to have an afternoon out with the girls or for husbands and wives to enjoy the greens together. The LPGA has been around since 1950 and is one of the most established and long lasting professional women’s organizations.

The founding members have gone down in history as some of the most respected and trail blazing women in professional women’s golf. Through the years the organization has grown and today, with the number of young professional women starting the tour, the popularity of the sport is growing by leaps and bounds. Because of the talent in today’s women golf professionals, golf has really come into its own for the ladies. Now more than ever women’s golf is coming into the mainstream, inviting high ticket endorsement deals and getting more coverage in sporting news.

Because of this young girls are taking up golf as a sport that they are interested in and more women are learning the game and hitting the tees along with the men. Golf is a sport that takes athleticism and refinement and is not a sport that is based solely on physical strength. This is appealing to many women as they feel they can compete on an equal basis with the men.

For women who are interested in learning the game, most golf courses have lessons available that are for women or groups of women only. The lessons concentrate on tailoring the game specifically to a woman’s strengths. Golf vacations are also popular ways for women to take a break in a sunny climate while learning tips and techniques on improving their game. While vacationing in exotic places and enjoying themselves, they can also hone their skills and play a few rounds. Most golf vacations include lessons, games and lodging at resort properties. Schools are increasing the number of programs focused toward women’s sports and many have added golf to the roster.

For those who enjoy watching ladies’ golf, the LPGA tour has stops at many of the major golf locations throughout the world. Checking the LPGA tour schedule is sure to find a location that is close enough to observe some of the women golf stars on the circuit today. Women’s golf is more popular than ever and those who have not yet tried it might find a great sport and past time.

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