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Weekly Pregnancy Calendar – An Important Record

by: Apurva Shree
Pregnancy is a miracle of nature that brings a mother at par with the creator. It is the happiest and a most exciting moment in the life of a woman. Of course the sign of pregnancy causes scary and nervous feelings too since you don’t know what is happening in side your body. It is always better to have knowledge of pregnancy and ways to make it better and healthier. Weekly pregnancy calendar can be fine guide on your journey to motherhood. There are many websites that offer pregnancy calendars for free offloading. They offer a precise knowledge of how the baby grows inside a mother’s womb and developing baby’s weekly milestones.

Weekly Pregnancy Calendar
A weekly pregnancy calendar is a chronological record of the changes a woman and her fetus will undergo during the course of her pregnancy. It describes at length the growth and development of growing baby and expected changes in the mother’s body with advancing pregnancy, on a weekly basis. At the early sign of pregnancy, print out one such web weekly pregnancy calendar and put it on a spot where you can see it daily for monitoring your pregnancy progress.

Importance of a weekly pregnancy calendar
A visit to a doctor after experiencing the early signs of pregnancy will confirm your pregnancy. The doctor will calculate your probable due date of delivery. This date is usually about forty weeks from the first day of your last menstruation. A very small number of babies are actually born on their exact due date. Most are born two weeks earlier or two weeks later than the expected due date. This is where the weekly pregnancy calendar becomes important. It helps in keeping the dates of conception, expected due date, track of baby’s development through various stages of growth per week and monitors mother’s health by telling of body changes you will experience every week.

A full term of pregnancy is separated and divided into three trimesters.
First trimester. First week to twelfth week.
Second trimester. Thirteenth week to twenty- sixth weeks.
Third trimester. Twenty seventh week till the date of baby’s delivery.

As the delivery date draws nearer, there will be more pressure on the pregnancy. In last two weeks the baby takes birthing position and pushes down in the cervical canal resulting in woman experiencing change in balance while walking. During this time a mother provides antibodies to baby for fighting off infections. A mother may experience discomfort and pronounced contractions or false labor. A weekly pregnancy calendar is of utmost importance at this time as it keeps a track of her and her baby’s progressive developments. It helps in explaining when to contact doctor and when to sleep off the discomfort. Breaking of amniotic sac is the time for notifying medical health care provider for it signifies the end of pregnancy.

Apurva Shree is the online editor of free pregnancy information resource www.earlysignofpregnancy.info She has developed this site to provide valuable information on early pregnancy symptoms and useful methods to enjoy your pregnancy period and the ways in which you welcome your new world of motherhood. Early Sign of Pregnancy.info is your free resource that not only provides information on early sign of pregnancy but the other aspects of pregnancy too.

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