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The True Descendants of Ancient Egypt

by: Claude
There are several theories regarding who exactly are the true descendants of the ancient Egyptians. Any one of the following theories might hold the key to the mystery but as yet nobody can say for sure.

• One theory suggests that the modern Egyptian Christians who are commonly known as Copts (and which make up around 10% of the population) are the true descendants of ancient Egypt. They claim that when the Arabs invaded Egypt in 664 CE they segregated themselves and never mixed with the newcomers. If this is true (and it may very well be) then the bloodline would still be pure and they could be classed as the true descendants of ancient Egypt.

• A second theory suggests that the ancient Egyptian race is dead or so diluted that it is no longer detectable. It has been around 1400 years since the Arab nations invaded and conquered the land of ancient Egypt so it is understandable why certain scholars believe that the bloodlines of the ancient Egyptian people must be dead.

• Others believe that a band of ancient Egyptian people either fled the country and the foreign invaders or were exiled by the conquerors and so settled in the neighbouring country of Africa. They supposedly reconstructed their lives in the foreign land with the same economical, political, social and religious systems so that Egypt in effect became a colony of Africa. Today there are several African tribes who profess to be the descendants of specific pharaohs; for example, the Binis of the Benin Empire claim to be descended from Ahmose I while the Dogons say they descend from Ramesses II. Whether these claims are true or not will probably never be confirmed with any certainty. It is compelling though how some societies in other parts of Africa seem to have been influenced by the practices of ancient Egypt.

• Another theory puts the true descendants of the ancient Egyptians all over the world including America. It is suggested that the Islamic invaders began the first known trans-Atlantic slave trade and that Egyptian inhabitants were captured and sold into slavery. An expert in Afro-American history and culture claims that many of the traditions that the Afro-American community celebrate are very similar to those of the Egyptians and he doesn’t think this is a coincidence.

The ancient Egyptians were humanity’s first true civilisation along with Mesopotamia who developed at around the same time. The ancient Egyptians thrived for more than 3000 years and so it seems implausible that they could have been wiped out without a trace. Whether they fled to the safety of Africa, got sold into slavery by the invading Arabs or just integrated with the foreigner so much that they are no longer a true race is a matter of opinion and a final answer may never be agreed upon.

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