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Panama Temporary Work Visa

by: Jean Bouttet
City of Knowledge Work Visa Program
This program allows foreign investors to obtain up to 5 work visas (valid for an initial term of 2 years, and renewable for an additional 2 years) for their company in Panama under the condition that they must rent an office or building within the City of Knowledge of Panama (located within the former Fort Clayton military base), for the purpose of operating a business from Panama. .

Temporary Immigrant Visa
Student Visa
This program allows foreign students to obtain legal residency in Panama under the condition that they will be living in Panama for educational purposes, such as attending a Panamanian university, school, etc.

Multiple Entry & Exit Visa in Panama
The Government of the Republic of Panama provides Residency Visas for foreigners so they can establish residency and permanently reside within the territory of the Republic of Panama. Every Immigrant and / or Resident should have an Entry and Exit Visa if he or she plans to travel into and / or out of the Republic of Panama. The Multiple Entry & Exit Visa allows foreigners to enter and exit the Republic of Panama as many times as necessary during the validity of the Multiple Entry& Exit Visa, or until the expiration date of the Visa.

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