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Super Foods Book review

by: Joanne Ott
It was many years ago that Hippocrates said “let food be your medicine.” Since there has been a dramatic increase in sales of organic foods, as well as different health juices and supplements, that more and more people are taking this seriously. While anyone would agree that good nutrition is important for health, there has been and increase articles and books on “super foods”, which are named that due to them being the most nutrient dense food available, and having the most health benefits.The Super Food ebook has a list of 31 super foods, which in most cases are easy to obtain and generally reasonably priced. Some of them come in different forms as well, such as herbs.

The benefits of a healthy diet are many and superfoods can provide the extra boost that health conscious people are usually looking for.

You will find detail for each of the 31 super foods as to what health benefits they have, and any additional information that might be apply to that particular item, such as how to choose the best ones when you are shopping, how to store and how to use them at home.

In addition to the book itself, there are bonuses offered. The first is the alkaline diet, which is very easy to follow. Just making a few simple changes in diet is all that is required.

Also included are calorie and nutritional content of common food, foods that can help someone lose weight, foods that burn fat and what nutrition your body needs. And there even are certain food combinations that should be avoided. Some combinations can produce unwanted side effects and you can find out what foods they are.

The one thing that surprised me was no mention of the mangosteen fruit. I feel with all the research that has been done on it, plus the known benefits of xanthones (the antioxidants in the mangosteen) would have made it worth mentioning.

If you are really interested in living a healthy lifestyle with the right food then you will likely find, as I have, that the information is very valuable. The benefits of eating well are many, and this is becoming more and more well known all the time. For this reason I think educating yourself on the very best foods available is a good use of your time.

About the Author
Joanne Ott is an entrepreneur from Canada. She has a home based business and is interested in health and nutrition. To learn more about the Super Foods ebook you can visit http://tinyurl.com/2axrrv.

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