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Rock the Trend: Punk Chic

Remember Joan Jett and the Blackhearts “I Love Rock ‘N Roll”? Most of us tried to mimic it a bit at one point or another in our lives. Well, the look is back with an added touch of chic. The Punk Chic, or Subtle Punk, look is back in full effect for Fall this year. This trend is defined by Goth shades and carefully placed metal details on classic pieces for a subtle yet punk effect. If you want to rock this trend, read on to find out more. Tops. For this trend, go for tops made out of luxurious fabrics with fabulous detailing. A silk vest in moody mauve with decorative metal detailing all-over will give you a subtle, punk, edgy look and make passersby notice your outfit. Look for detailing that is small in size and grand in coverage of the pieces. Metal details that are too large will give you a biker look instead of punk chic. Bottoms. Since our inspiration is punk, keep pants slim or skinny in dark colors. Black is the ideal. Skinny black jeans (in denim or leather) with zipper detailing at the bottom of the leg and at the waist (front and back) will look undeniably punk. To soften the look and add the “chic”, go for a slouchy black sweater in cashmere or superfine wool. The mix of textures and details will make you seem ahead of the times whenever you step out. If you want to go for a different type of bottoms, a short skirt is also another great option. Go for one that is no longer than mid-thigh length, but comes in a flattering shape. Be sure the skirt you choose has plenty of zippers, buttons, studs, or other fun details. If short skirts aren’t your favorite, wear the short skirt with a pair of opaque dark tights or leggings in a coordinating color. Dresses. Keeping it clean is the way to go. This means dresses with simple shapes, such as shift or A-line, will work the best. To stay with this trend, be sure you choose a dress with plenty of pleating, studding, leather patches, etc. The punk will be in the details while the chic will be in the shape of the dress. Shoes & Accessories. Leather, patent leather, and suede are favorites for this trend. For shoes, keep the look punk but still chic, go for rounded studs and other metal details as opposed to pointy, sharp, or jagged looking ones. For handbags, go for large hobos in a sturdy and rugged material. You can keep the detail minimal here since you have metal detailing in one or more pieces of your ensemble. For jewelry, go for rubber, leather, or silver.Funky chain detailing on a smaller scale keeps jewelry looking punk without being intimidating. So now you are ready to be punk, subtle, and chic all at the same time. This trend is great to incorporate with many pieces of your wardrobe as well as it can be easily worn in tandem with other trends that are hot this season. To make sure that you are not overdoing it, try to wear no more than three studded or metal detailed pieces in the same outfit. Good luck and Happy Shopping!

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