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Radar Detector Reviews

So you’re in the market for a new radar detector. You might think it’s as easy as walking into your local electronics store, and asking the sales associate what’s the best unit they have. The odds of getting useful information, a fair comparison, or the best price will depend solely on the electronics store.

With a simple Google search for radar detector reviews you are presented with a wealth of information but how do decipher it? As an informed consumer, you are going to want to get the best radar detector for the best price. What is considered the best? That will depend if you find yourself driving in the city, on the highway, or both during a typical commute? Is your town actively adding red-light and other automated speed enforcement device? Do you want a radar detector with all the bells and whistles or just the basics?
If your main concern is performance than look no further than the Guys of Lidar. By visiting their website we find their mission statement. “The Guys of LIDAR are a group of enthusiasts committed to serving the motoring public and consumers by providing honest, accurate, and impartial performance testing of radar detectors and laser jammers. We do this out of personal interest; our tests are not managed, controlled, or influenced by anyone in the radar detector or laser jammer industry.”

After a quick look at their results you’ll find that Beltronics STi, Escort 9500i, & Valentine One lead the way when it comes to pure performance.
So now that we know who the top performers are, let’s take a look at the features these modern detectors offer. Carl Fors who runs Speed Measurement Labs2 performed one of the most comprehensive feature tests in the summer of 2007.

When the detectors ran a course to simulate false alert suppression, we find that the Escort 9500i & Beltronics STi which where two of the most sensitive radar detectors the Guys of Lidar tested, also proved to be the best at suppressing unwanted alerts.

What if your area is progressively pushing the new automated speed enforcement, or red light safety cameras? Thanks to Speed Measurement Labs we find that while the Escort 9500i is the only dash mount detector that allows you to mark those locations with it’s advanced GPS features. We find that a replacement for your rearview mirror would provide the best solution. Further more this rear view mirror could be incorporated to work with any Beltronics, Escort or Valentine One radar detector. In 2007 Speed Cheetah3 launched their rear view mirror replacement with rave reviews. This mirror comes preloaded with thousands of red light & speed camera locations. It also offers a real time display of your current speed.

If you have noticed a common theme the Guys of Lidar & Speed Measurement Labs both test on a closed course, in a controlled environment. Fortunately the creator of Speed Trap Hunter4 Bob Rosanina takes to the open road for his radar detector tests. To date it’s estimated that Bob has traveled over 20,000 miles, coast-to-coast, and even overseas. This would definitely qualify him as a driving enthusiast. Bob has written many radar detector reviews, radar detector buying guides, and performance tests. Over his many miles and years of experience Bob offers this advice. “Placing your trust into a radar detector takes time and requires a lot of driving time behind the wheel and a proven historical track-record with a variety of different speed trap encounters.”

While we are on the topic of enthusiasts who hit the road, who better to review radar detectors than Radar Roy a retired Lieutenant from the Maricopa County Sheriff’s Office in Arizona. Roy served 20 years, retired as a certified police traffic radar instructor, managed to certify hundreds of officers, and is now a offers a free radar detector buyers gudei at www.radarroysbuyersguide.com

Radar Roy offers new radar detector owners with a very easy to use buyer’s guide, if you’re still confused there is a great section dedicated to choosing a radar detector that is right for you. You will also find a handy guide for after you receive your radar detector. How do you mount it? Where do you mount it? How do you maximize all the features? Radar Roy’s handy guide makes it easy to understand. Among other things you will find Radar Roy’s manuals for all the products they sale, traffic laws for your state, and Product Reviews. Check out Roy’s site for his top picks!

As you can tell throughout this guide two products keep coming up. The Escort 9500i, which is the first dash, mounted radar detector to feature GPS technology that helps eliminate false alerts and provide advanced warning to speed & red-light cameras, and the Beltronics STi, the only dash mounted radar detector that is immune to radar detector detectors. So if you happen to live in an area where radar detectors are illegal, the Beltronics STi is the detector for you.

For additional radar detector resouces visit: http://radarroysbuyersguide.com

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