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How to Wear Black

In fashion, black is a color that is oftentimes synonymous with business, or new age, or designs for a younger generation. However, it is a basic color that is in almost everyone’s wardrobe, no matter their station in life, hobbies, or profession. Now is the time to understand how to wear black and wear it well. “In a suit-Wearing an all black suit is the surest way to convey professionalism. This is a great idea for an interview. To add flair, incorporate a few colorful yet tasteful accessories. This can be a scarf, jewelry, or shoes for woman and a tie, belt, or cufflinks for men. “In a shirt, blouse, or t-shirt-As a rule, you should only wear a black top if you have either a tanned or deeper complexion. Otherwise it will make you look washed out. If you are of a fairer complexion, try to wear colors around your face that coordinate well with both your eyes and hair. “In a pant, slack, or skirt-Since this is an item that will not be near your face, anyone can wear this color bottom. It is an especially helpful color if you have a larger lower body. “In Shoes-This is a great choice for most any color outfit you wear, except for maybe dark brown. Black shoes are pretty much a safe bet. “In accessories-This concept will work well if you have on a brightly colored outfit that needs to be anchored. For instance, if you are wearing a fuchsia sundress; a black necklace, earrings, and watch would help this ensemble not seem so loud. Black is a wardrobe staple that has always been in style. So no matter if you are Wall Street or runway chic, you can find black articles of clothing that will suit your taste and look very stylish on. As with anything, it may take a bit of practice. Good luck and happy shopping!

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