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Getting traffic to your site is the most important thing

Getting traffic to your site is the most important thing when owning your own website. Whether you’re a full time internet marketer or you have a web presence for your off-line business the goal is one in the same… to make money. The only way to accomplish this is to get people to come to your site and purchase whatever it is that you’re selling. The last few years has seen the introduction to a great way to bring massive amounts of traffic and little to no cost. The answer is Video Marketing. With sites like Youtube, Google Video, MetaCafe and many more, users are now able to create video, advertise their products or services and share them with millions of viewers all at the click of a button. Video marketing can be done in four simple steps. Step one is create a cool appealing video. Many people use humor or some other motivator (i.e. money, women, merchandise, etc.) All you need to create a video is a digital camera ($50-$200) or Web camera ($20-$80). You can even create a video without using video at all. If you have purchased a PC in last 5 years most come with a piece of software called Windows Movie Maker. This software allows you to create a movie using pictures, slides or video. Once your video is complete you need to embed the URL of your site at the beginning and end of your video. You can also overlay your web address in the lower right hand corner of your movie for the duration of the video. This a technique works the best as people do not always watch the entire video. Once you have completed your video all you need to do is upload it to a video site. This is free and can be done at hundreds of sites all across the web. There are also tools such as trafficgeyser.com and tubemogul.com that for a price will upload your video to all of the sites at once. Once you have completed this just sit back and wait for the traffic to come in. This entire process can be done in under an hour. Once complete simply rinse and repeat.

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